Enhancing Victim Safety: Forum on Firearms and Domestic Violence

DA Rod Underhill recently participated in a conference Enhancing Victim Safety: Forum on Firearms and Domestic Violence.  The conference is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women in partnership with The Battered Women’s Justice Project, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, International Association of Chiefs of Police and Aequitas: the Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women. The focus of the conference is:

  • Identification of the specific challenges and solutions to multi-disciplinary collaborations to enforce domestic violence firearm prohibitions;
  • Examination of how communities can address considerations of victim autonomy;
  • Collaboration between professionals at the local, tribal, and state levels and their federal counterparts;
  • Supporting leaders to disarm domestic violence offenders;
  • To enhance the efforts of the Domestic Violence and Firearms Technical Assistance Project to provide technical assistance and training to communities that incorporate strategies for multi-disciplinary collaboration and transformation of system culture.