Drug Impact Area Program

In April 2011, the Portland City Council passed the Drug Impact Area Resolution (DIA) creating funding to address the concerns raised by residents, businesses, and recovering substance abusers in the Old Town Chinatown regarding the increase of open air drug dealing in the neighborhood.

The District Attorney’s Office used arrest data to determine areas in the city with a disproportionately high concentration of drug crime. This resulted in the designation of three distinct DIAs for heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Defendants convicted of unlawful delivery or possession of heroin, cocaine, or marijuana are subject to an exclusion from the DIA for the particular drug upon which the conviction is based. For example, defendants convicted of drug crimes involving heroin are subject to an exclusion from the Heroin DIA regardless of where the incident occurred. Defendants who violate the DIA exclusion are subject to probation violations.

In conjunction with the creation of the DIA, the District Attorney’s Office revised its policy regarding the prosecution of cases involving the possession of residue quantities of heroin and cocaine. Previously, cases involving residue quantities of heroin and cocaine were issued as violations and were eligible for community court. Since the inception of the DIA, these types of cases are now issued as misdemeanors and the defendants are eligible for DIA exclusion.

With the creation of the DIA, the Service Coordination Team (SCT) agreed to screen each defendant who receives a DIA exclusion. The SCT program identifies the most chronic offenders and provides them with intensive drug treatment, housing and services.

DIA Conditions and Maps — click here to see the current DIA maps for heroin, cocaine and marijuana.


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