The DA’s Office has a variety of employment opportunities. Please review the descriptions below for more information about each opportunity and how to apply.

Deputy District Attorneys
There are no Deputy DA openings at this time.

Please download the application to be considered for employment opportunities at the DA’s Office. The Deputy DA application cannot be filled out online. It must be printed, filled in, signed, and mailed to our office. If you cannot read the form, or are not able to print it out, please contact our office at (503) 988-3162, to request a mailed copy.

Overview of the Office
Deputy DA Application for Employment

Certified Law Students
The DA’s Office employs Certified Law Students during the school year and the summer between the second and third years of law school. Participating law students must be certified to appear in court through the Law Student Appearance Program, which is described in detail in Rules 13.05 to 13.30 of the Rules for Admission of Attorneys in Oregon.